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one of the best space science fiction in recent times. --- spoiler --- it suits the essence of the event to mention the devoted scientists collaborating in the face of space desperation, instead of the inter-crew conflicts that we are accustomed to seeing in every movie. the tension builds as we get closer to the end. knitting with documentary-style narrations and montage also worked. --- spoiler --- instead of watching a farting zombie movie just because there is brad, watch this my dear religious brother.


spoiler if it were me, i would watch aka aka slobbering from the corner of my mouth. they acted like a taxi station, i had a hard time on the big planet. view of jupiter


it's a good science fiction documentary that progresses like a documentary. it is really difficult to make such a film even with a low budget without commercial concerns, the director or producer really set out to make a purebred space opera, although the way of expression will not be liked by sour lovers, i did not feel myself in a stanislaw lem novel. friends who put transformers and pacific rim in the science fiction class should not even come near you.


- spoiler


watch good movie download but i have questions; - spoiler and how do you send tens of months of images and data in just a few minutes? as you know, they were fixing the communication module at the end of the movie when the ice started to break and just before the ship sank. another detail that i liked was the light that came in when the sun was turned from the window of the rotating capsule where the living spaces are located. --- spoilers ---