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drug that contains etodolac and tyikolkosit at the same time. we can say that it is a kind of combination of muscoril and etol. i hope that it will help me with cycladol, voltaren sr 75, rantudil fort, vitamin b and my waist retention that does not go away despite being sedentary for 5 days. today i got cycladol in the morning, vitamin b injection and melox injection in the afternoon, on top of that now etolax. huh, what was hope? not to die from herniated disc pain.


pain reliever for toothache. it is also adept at reducing abscess. and brush your teeth a lot.


the medicine prescribed by the doctor to relieve the pain of cuts and abrasions on my leg and arm after an accident. i couldn't figure out whether it has an effect or not. even though i use the drug regularly, i have pain and numbness in my leg from time to time. if i don't use the drug, will the pain be more? i don't have the courage to test it. if the doctor wrote it, i continue to use it, saying that he knows.


it is a medicine that does nothing for toothache.


a drug given during dental treatment. i recommend it not to be used unless given by a doctor, in some bodies it causes allergies, the mouth and uvula swell, redness occurs in the body, hopefully you will be hospitalized.


god bless the orthopedist who wrote the medicine that makes me feel like i'm having a heart attack every time, and the medicine that ends my left chest muscle pain that doesn't heal. note: all this time, i drank the drugs that were urgently prescribed to the emergency doctors, as muscle relaxants, and the pain recurred every time. i decided not to even use the aspirin given by the health center except the specialist doctor.