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in general, in the winter season, old generation trucks, vehicles and construction machines are abundant! peanut! viagra is the first power of motion that revives all mechanisms that do not work by tightening. it should not be tightened too much.


the compound that ismail brother described very well. here video site/watch?v=vgnp4_ivrmi video site/watch?v=bdkib7gszga lapssssssss.... it's in my genes. narcoses react very late to me.


(see ether) (see captive)


(see chloroform)


matter believed to fill all the void in the universe until einstein. in an experiment to prove this, einstein exploded the device and injured his arm. they say that when he said "there is no ether meter in the universe, there is a pure space between substances", he avenged this injury.


the cornerstone of modern anesthesia. william thomas green morton made the first painless tooth extraction using ether in 1846, he is a dentist. he performed a neck tumor operation a few months later, but the survival of the patient is purely by chance, because he was operated in a sitting position and an area with a lot of vascularity, such as the neck


compounds formed by the bonding of two alkyl groups to an oxygen atom in chemistry. they are also isomers of alcohols..


scatter this substance, which is a strange chemical in its own right, can turn into a dangerous weapon in the hands of bad guys when combined with cotton.