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currently, a documentary about his works in anitkabir is broadcast on iz tv. regards.


the artist who inspired me to return to my old motivation in a program i watched about him on iz today. i hope to see many more years.


the artist, who is currently broadcasting a very good documentary about him on iz tv.




he is emin barın's student. in addition, the following statement he said in the documentary about his life can be written in the books and gone down in history: "art is a rule within a rule."


the correct pronunciation of his name is ethem caliskan, and he is said to be the designer of ataturk's signature as we know it. the graffiti artist krys2 is about to publish a book containing his works.…n-tum-harfler-kutsald-r


anadolu university frequently attends the "5 tea with the masters" event of the faculty of fine arts. in addition to etem hoca, the guests were şinasi acar, ali rıza Özcan, savaş Çelik and mustafa eren.