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it takes more than one lifetime to see a dota 2 ti in this country


the platform is big. will be greater in the future. but the fact that it's big doesn't change the fact that it's ridiculous. i was looking at it for a while as a lesson. most of them consist of strange looking young people with garbage arms and sick faces. if anyone asks, you say they make finger muscles*


it is considered as gaming and esports in daily use. market analysts predict that this area will be the most intense individual usage scenario of 5g. even with the capability we call network slicing in 5g, the speed and delay-free transmission capabilities it can provide to the end user can even change the networks in our home. the days when wifi will pay for the bread that it has gnawed from mobile networks for years are near.


platform whose future i think is very big.


it's the sport that i have great hopes for. i hope it will develop in our country as well.


the country has an industry that has not been realized yet. it has a great future. my advice to high school students; kascagina to kpss, muscle to this. we are in the information age.