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there are members who speak ampir ampir. thanks to this, we also saw high school students who became writers here. it's a marketplace, nothing else, it can't be.


the market place where wires, which are not prohibited to be sold in the country but cannot be found, are bought abroad for 6 liras and sold for 25 liras.


it is a typical the forum. there is praise for lynching culture and ignorance. i couldn't find any other alternative in the country, although it is scabies to the majority of its sellers. if anyone knows, i'm waiting for your help.


it is one of the few places where you can get intelligent information about e-cigarettes.


a source of information for newcomers who continue to broadcast at after a while, he will not see you, but it will be very useful for those who are curious about the electronic cigarette business and want to learn.


i think it is the most comprehensive forum on e cigarettes. there is almost everything related to e cigarettes. a good site where i have an idea about e cigarettes that allow me to quit smoking.



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