errementari the blacksmith and the devil

errementari the blacksmith and the devil

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spanish movie of 2017. an entertaining tale fed by christian mythology... it was a very neat and entertaining movie. it's pretty fun to watch. it can be a little scary for kids under 14-15 years old. it's better if they don't watch. here's the trailer: video site/watch?v=v1e240hdor0


a very good movie for those who like fantasy movies and literature. you shouldn't get too hung up on the technology used, because it made a great contribution to the classic atmosphere of the story. --- spoiler --- the details in the line-up layout as reported to sartael by alastor were amazing -5. rank wretched win solid 203 +no wretched --- spoiler ---


it was nice to watch a story in basque language. and you're my man sartael --- spoiler --- dirty villagers! listen to me! this girl is a saint. they cast him out of hell. don't send him to hell again. or i'll eat your thumbs in your sleep --- spoiler ---


the perfect movie about the real devil being the demon's human brain bathed in ignorance and the petrified human heart... perfect for me at least... because at the end of the movie, sartael's scaring of heartless, bigoted, ignorant, dishonest people for the little girl makes my eyes tear up. it happened... i didn't think my eyes would fill with such an absurd scene in my life...


the characters and the basis of the story are based on the grimm brothers' story "the smith and the devil". (bkz: the smith and the devil)


--- spoiler --- it made sense that the blacksmith who tried to throw her into the fire finally saved her from the fire. of course, i think that it is not tawakke for the man who plays with fire so much and takes on the devil to be a blacksmith. ridiculous, clumsy demon fi


it's not a bad movie, it's like they filmed a good fairy tale. i obviously loved it. i was curious about the chickpea counting conversation, but i will research it in my spare time. does such a legend really exist? if so, how did it come about