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is likely to be feisty. after 15 july, he was called to the center (ankara) by the ministry of foreign affairs from the the embassy in neverland, where he served. he was also arrested on 13 august 2016. he is currently in detention.


bouncer of his wife, lisa tab, is killed by scoffield's team. while reporting to the "general", who is the leader of the company, it is conveyed that the suspect may be "armenian". in another scene, it is stated that this death is related to the fact that lisa tab's husband is the. the reference to the asala terror against the diplomats is a success, congratulations to the screenwriters.


at least, instead of giving an abidik arab name, the character is given a proper the name. erol dish is not an unlikely name.


it is our national pride. prison is the only the character in the divine trio of break-heroes-lost. this is the reason why we put prison break in a separate place among this divine trio.


the consul in prison break world. the tv series, which is torn by not using the arabic name, gave a spin with the abbreviation te, which is seen under the crescent and star, when zoomed in on the the flag sticker on the plate. correct me if i'm wrong, but the country's international code should be tr, not te. edit: thanks to the father of the man who saved the world, who said that te is an abbreviation for the embassy. like its characters, our series has been cleared once again.


man you know parallel output rıza baba.


(see: erol borek)


(see: zan plate)