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i want to spit in the face of those who, like him and himself, do not accept that the government is responsible for what is going on in this country.


a programmer who ate akp's bread and found his way. spit in the face of those who criticize the government. look at the courage in this man. these people will suffocate you with their saliva. bombs explode every day in the country, who should we criticize? yilmaz morgul?


a veteran journalist who targeted a citizen named mahir donation, on the grounds that he blamed the government after the explosion in the heart of ankara. uğur mumcu's colleague(!) video would like to thank him for his sensitivity, and i invite the heads of the chamber of landscape architects and the chamber of tradesmen and craftsmen, who were responsible for the explosion but did not make any statement until this hour, to resign immediately.


(see: fire martyr) i hope he will be our first jester martyr.


shame on him, he is also the child of parents, he is also human, let's not discriminate, let's embrace him too. just kidding, let the janissary band enter your ass completely.


a supporter newscaster who dressed himself in the akp together with the current interior minister, süleyman soylu. don't do too much. link


the so-called journalist, whom i want to ask a question, is a spineless person in my opinion. -how did ekrem put it, sonuuum?