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“the woman will also know herself. he says 'i have a child' and then 'he harassed me'. look for the inconsistency. don't say it then!” "my mother is also a woman." "what part of nurgül am i going to harass? is that beyonce? against science, against reason.'' **************************************** ***** i think it is against science and reason that he came first among millions of sperm.


i loved the phrase nurgul yesilcay used to say about herself, "a man who always says me, me, he always wants his hair to be shiny". when they remain silent in front of such men, they find themselves more justified. they say that this woman is simply crushing it so that i can crush it. match water to the smell of her ball..


less famous version of anatolian çomar.


as a person who has worked personally, i say that nurgül yeşilçay is right. anyone who knows, knows that his cup is always full, he drinks something. sometimes he is very cheerful, he kisses the right and left, sometimes he is angry and attacks the passer-by. you work like an ox from morning to night and you wait for this type. it is always red when it comes and needs a ton of powder mudra something.


i don't know why but he has the type of mid-size business owner who cheats on his very filthy wife. they later found the money. they get on a bmw or something, they go to thailand, georgia or something to the dealer meeting. same dude, same type.


this man got into a fight in a bar and then they threw it into the sea. yiyidim youth is not a feature to be tested on a woman, your news ola


he is the son-in-law of a great tribe. that's probably what he's counting on. this explains the fact that he is extolled in the press as if he is a very high-level actor, and that he is friendly with the producers and directors.


if there are eight parallel universes other than this world, i am counting their professions in the other eight parallel universes: pirate cd's, dog hawkers in istiklal who take the breed puppy in their arms and try to sell it after 11 am, hitman, miço, to british fat tourists "are you sex? ” said animator, signalman and gallery owner. this is the only parallel universe where he can be a player and we stumbled upon it.

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