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if i did this in the studio, i'm sure the sentence under the name of experimentation would blow up. http://video site/…out-farside_rev-rn-3r-10-hm


in hundreds of live performances, he says thank you at the end of each song with the same tone of voice and the same resonance. so much so that if you reach the end of the song, you'll say thank you haha, it's clapton. although it is still possible to find the answer to the question of who could it be with the awesome strat tone, thank you for sure. it is so much the same that you would think that the clapton recorded this thank you expression somewhere, and that it plays again by pressing the play button somewhere at the end of each song. that degree.


he's a musician some of my girlfriends in science high school think he's a physicist. we said to the girls "there are eric clapton's laws in the exam, have you checked" to hang out with friends and measure their reactions before a tough physics exam. then all the girls had opened the books and busily searched for clapton's laws. (bkz: hey gone days)


guitarist who dealt with the question "have you been playing the guitar for a long time" by her majesty the Queen mother. hand answer: - "for 45 years!"


the only great guitarist who doesn't use his pinky finger.


one of the greatest guitar masters in the world... jimi hendrix interrupted while playing hey joe in a bbc program in 1968, i got bored with this shit, let's remember a guitar wirtuos, and mentioned in the introduction to sunshine of ur love... bands played: 64-65: yardbirds 65-66: john mayall and the bluesbreakers 66-69: cream 69-70: blind faith 70-70: delaney boney and the friends 70-70: delaney and the dominos 70- : solo perfect guitar master...changes identity with every album...he's making a pop album when his money runs out, soon back to the origins...


he is such a guitar master that after ian anderson listened to him, he decided that he would never play the guitar as well as he did and decided to play the flute.