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a figure trying to become a screen celebrity. i watched him with disgust! if i don't tell people who are popular on social media, he keeps making them count in his program. i looked at this person and he is not inferior to the others. i don't know anything about him if he gets a little famous and doesn't do the same things. by the way, he has never been to the place called one way!


i watched this gentleman this morning. you have filed a lawsuit against enes batur, you may be right or wrong. let the law do the rest. what does "i heard" mean that emine erdogan doesn't like it either? are you adjusting to the judge or the prosecutor? are you adjusting to society? are you adjusting to the quiet women in front of you? if anyone is watching, lgbt associations will catch up with you anyway, but you probably want that too. will society ask you how to raise your children? by what qualification ?


brother, you're going on tv, you're an ssi expert, you're a big man, thank you, what are those haircuts allasen, are you a pianist artist in tarabya? when we look at the hair, laughter comes to the hair, tovbe bismillah.


he is a very, very dangerous man. and a great example for the lane. someone who goes on the screen to threaten people and rushes to those people's places. you are a bad example for children. i don't want a child like you, not kerimcan. you won't be able to judge people like the morality police, we will prosecute you for committing hate crimes.


when i saw the man on tv; first thing that comes to my mind: riot police.


ssi specialist, who owns a range rover brand jeep, completely covered in gold, with a huge ataturk signature on the doors, with the words "sgk expert erhan nacar" on the right and left of the hood, and the eu and the country flags next to it, and "erhan nacar" even on the license plate holder. the ad is not good but bro, did you ever feel sorry for that car?


the office where i work in the same building with my brother, hair prosthesis, type hookah. my brother