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ufolog., who left his post as the vice president of the sirius ufo space sciences research center, with a post on his instagram account.


person who resigned from his position at the sirius ufo space science research center.


they may have parted ways with haktan akdogan. if so, i'm seriously wondering why.


he opened a video site channel for himself. from now on, he would share what he was curious about and the topics he wanted to tell from there. link


he is a former foreign bureaucrat who studies cases of extraterrestrial contact. he has published 4 books on galactic diplomacy, cosmic touch, novus and mutatio. unfortunately, he could not get his stolen instagram account back. new account kolbasi.erhan will be announced.


retired foreign affairs member, author who conducts research on international contacts. the researcher shared a video in which he answered questions about the possible changes that humanity will experience in the near future. video site/watch?v=p2g_aa-3tf4


i don't know how true it is. let me make a note as a sensation. i couldn't figure out how accurate it is to write it here: a quote from a turk living in the usa; "he was a good diplomat, the loss of his son is a turning point in his life.


my dear brother erhan kolbasi, i am suffering while you are talking. you speak very slowly and in a strange, eeeee, murmuring way. walla i couldn't stand it, i wrote it, sorry if you read here, my friend will tell me

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