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the journalist we worked with at the evening newspaper at the time. he was the newspaper's visual director at the time. it means that it later moved to the editorial department. he was a clubber at the time. i used to meet him at a famous club almost every evening. then he must have repented. it has passed to the new dawn or something. most recently, he became the editor-in-chief of calendar.


the man who makes you say that i owe 1,000,000 tl to my surroundings like this one, you'll think it's the the country version of mycroft holmes when you read it. i look like someone but jelly is missing like jelly


the stone that ismail saymaz threw with his tweet below did not split his head. even if it does, outside forces realized that they saw the big game (!): "imagine that you are aware of all the dirty laundry, dollar and pound barons in the world, but you write in the calendar and the sun newspaper."


excuse me, as fuat avni said, do they agree with both genders…avni/status/441953913559089152


ergün dil has the intelligence of a 3-year-old child. in his spare time he inserts the beads of the abacus into his nose. his friends from akp told him the interior angles of the triangle, sorry; says pythagoras... (see: ergün di's crazy theory of 36)


the fact that there are university graduates who share this man's article on facebook alone is enough to worry about the future of this country. how do i have facebook friends too! (i swear i didn't add it, they always added it themselves.)

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