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there is nothing to talk about the government's offer of 7 percent plus 5, after saying it was a very funny offer, yes, you heard it right, just 2 days later, he signed the 8+4 offer as a good deal. i wonder what those who think this man is a worker-friendly think?


the person who came up with the current summary of the country from the aforementioned speech.. to understand this, look who -don't--applaud- with the most striking sentences..


friend turkis president the microphone stays on and if i wanted more he mutters something like that and when he sees the reaction look at his statement. terrorist,mehmetçik,vatan haini mode on "they targeted me because i have been defending the country from the beginning, because i stood behind the mehmetçik. groups that support terrorism . their attack will not affect me." why are you defending the country, you think you are defending the worker, because of terrorism, merörden.


the crime is not a member of this union, the crime is still a worker who continues to be a member of the turk-is union. turk-is is already the father of the so-called yellow union, but it still has the signing authority due to the number of members. unless the worker of this country is known, proper work cannot be done in this country. if you ask if you have hope, frankly, there is no hope. if the words of the president of turk-is were the president of a union in europe, the streets would burn, the streets would fill up, but our workers don't even care.


the exemplar of confidence (!) who flattered that fat minister and said that we can't talk less than 2578 tl in minimum wage today.


inept, malicious, vandal-loving union president trying to justify himself. if he doesn't resign, we will get the answer to the question "is there a limit to being disgraced in the country?"


they did not leave a concept that was not emptied in the country. this guy also learned how to talk. immediately accuses them of the highest level of accusations. terrorist, he called his critics. he is an empty man. thinks about himself, not the worker.


a hoarse-voiced guy who instructs a minister to "talk like this", with a despicable expression on his face, and it's obvious that he's a very bad "human".

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