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even if it's not word for word, i had a conversation with the adnanists. they cannot present a transitional fossil. there is no such thing - there is. do you know sikimalaform. -yes, it is a very perfect creature. but not an intermediate form. -no, of course, because there is no such form, i just made it up. hahaha then the server passed to uncle theologian. addendum: let there be no misunderstanding now. i put sikimalaform and he said something different. that was the part i said i didn't remember word for word anyway.


turan trust: don't parrot others using scientific data they have obtained. ergi deniz Özsoy: did you find the law of gravity? are you now being newton's parrot? turan trust: oh well now kdhfs... *


on a discussion program broadcast tonight, adnan asked the professors a fossil name and asked if you knew it. when adnan hocacılar said yes, we know, he said, "how do you know, i just made it up". ahahah super seven guys.


to the man: -turn the amphibian into fish in the laboratory, said 'prof', who looks like mustafa topaloğlu. and this man did not scrutinize her. sir, are you married? my man but okay.


"prof":where did the bacteria come from??? tell me where did the bacteria come from, you???!! professor ergi: can i tell you where the bacteria came from? shall i tell you where did it come from? dinosaurs and people were playing ball, it got out of there... puhahahaha...


opposite prof. to the alleged man: -you are talking about adam in your biology book... what is he doing there? wrestled with a dinosaur? said. dude, you just got your biggest fan. i woke up the apartment in the middle of the night laughing. i love you.


in his uncensored program, he explained in the lecture that a professor said that, according to my research, adam lived in the time of the dinosaurs and he had to be thirty meters in order to fight the dinosaurs, and said the following; "well i'm very curious; then how many meters was the fig leaf?"


he said to the man who said "turn the amphibian into fish in the laboratory, turn it into a fish", "you accelerate to the speed of light". eheh awesome man.