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he will not resign tomorrow. what have you asked to account for, and you will ask this minister to account for the lives he indirectly took today? two days later you will kiss his hand. look in the mirror, it's not even these men in charge, it's you who voted for these responsible men. let's write an earthquake, i don't know how much, you will feel relieved.


hungur hungur crying cancer girl passed away today. he was having a mosque built with a cost of 65 million liras. what would happen if you had a 65 million, 650 billion mosque built? your conscience will never be relieved. now make as many mosques as you want, unscrupulous...


(bkz: once you break your heart, this is not the prayer you pray) yunus emre


"what bigger scandal must a human son have to resign from his position?" address of the question.

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