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behzat Ç.'s tahsin manager, but first my dear teacher, whom i studied acting for 2 semesters in master's degree.


ankara state theater artist. . i witnessed successful performances in the plays named sheikh bedrettin from simavna and the story of two mondays. also a player in the plays blue dog*, crime and punishment, and cuckoo*; he took on the duties of director in the children's play named clown prince and assistant to the director in the bloody wedding, a summer full of love and crime and punishment. he also brought the play iron, directed by kazım akşar, into our language.


a theater artist who draws attention with his magnificent acting in a cold berlin night play. i also had the chance to chat with him a little today and i was amazed by his modesty, humor and personality as well as his acting. a very sweet person. it was a pleasure to shake your hand.

4…336-tumevarim-1.html you can see him in a video like this. it starts appearing from 1.28.


is a name with an anagram.. eray eserol --> ey esra erol


behzat's amiri tahsin. he's doing a great job, we love him separately.


the artist, who has many virtues such as acting, voice acting, writing, etc. he is the player that caught my eye in many games in dt, and i was very happy to see him later in behzat ç. especially in the second season, he captured the mood of the series better, he gained great sympathy for the tahsin principal character he played, and succeeded in making it one of its enjoyable and relaxing elements.


he conducts acting workshop studies at the contemporary drama association, and also teaches acting and stage knowledge master's course at ankara university institute of educational sciences.