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oh my god who gives life to the egg, bestow a better director for the movie yaaa rabi.


the name of the book by christopher paolini, in which he was influenced by lotr for more than one year, but could not create an alternative or different world for him. therefore, the movie is very mediocre compared to the lord of the rings movies. in my opinion, there is only one tangible jeremy irons. throughout the whole movie, one wonders why this guy accepted this role.(which i was asking myself in dungeons and dragons*...)


if it is to be compared with the lord of the rings, it is a movie starring a stupid hero who tries to pretend like frodo. - spoiler oh, there was also a giant bird that saved them.. --- spoiler ---


the movie that made you say, "i wonder if galbatorix will ride durza as a dragon" after all those dormant wolf-like lines.


the movie that i inevitably compare with the lord of the rings while watching. similar, even identical symbols and characters exist in this story. however, 100 minutes is a bit limited to make this story into a movie. the events develop fast from the beginning of the movie and some parts pass very quickly. still, it's not a bad movie, it might be pleasant to the curious. jeremy irons, who has a great voice, also contributed greatly to the film.