er-ah flight school

er-ah flight school

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the flight school that has fixed the euro rate at 4.50. source airporthaber.


ayjet is the flight school that can be preferred after afa and the the aviation institution. a friend of mine who could not go out alone in the institution and was sent from afa, got a license from here. itself was a disaster, many such gatherings include students. of course, everyone trades, but if your skills allow and you don't have a problem with accommodation in istanbul, you can choose ayjet first and then afa.


will speak directly. please change your flight instructors! the biggest problem is that the flight instructors on the flight line give ground lessons, so everyone should do their own thing! if he has already flown before, he has a meaningless ego. some teachers on the flight line have a very bad attitude towards students, especially those with military backgrounds. come if you can attract the egos of people you wouldn't consider outside of school. there is only one teacher who loves his job. anyway, i think these problems are not only in er-ah, i'm sure there are other schools as well.


the biggest advantage of the school is that the flight line and ground classes are in the same area. the above writers have stated the biggest problems, and i fully agree. some of the flight instructors need to be changed. there are instructors with very weak bilateral relations. on the flight line, they put the students to the ground. i hope these worthless character leave this beautiful school.


there was a teacher named yusuf yıldırım at the school, if he is still at school, god help the students in the er-ah institution, i have never seen a teacher who teaches such a terrible lesson. i can say that you will have the most crappy time of your life, especially if you are together on the flight line.


it's obvious that things have improved since oğuzhan teacher is a flight instructor..