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he was the maoist leader, just like pol pot. he later returned from this love. instead of meeting the basic needs of the people, it preferred to bury the country's budget in bunkers. today, like many of his comrades, his name cannot be read in the country where he was born, no one remembers it except for a few pranksters.


the leader of an era that people who lived in albania during his period saw that if 3 people were speaking, one of them was definitely a member of the party, we could not criticize the system, those who said we were even looking at our best friend with suspicion, and the blind people who looked from the outside were slapstick.


the deceased's relations with the country were very good. we loved him very much because his country was one of the 6 countries that gave us positive votes in the cyprus votes in the united nations.


the person who brought communism to albania. after being a hero in his country in the second world war, he became the head of state. after the deterioration of its relations with yugoslavia and the soviet union at the end of the 1940s, it turned albania into a self-sufficient country that is introverted, does not borrow foreign money, and has no relation to the world. even in the 1970s, some of the left factions in the country advocated the albanian model. albanians write his name as enver hoxha. it happened in 1985, it was replaced by ramiz alia.


he is the albanian leader who had mosques and churches converted into sports halls.


it is said that members and sympathizers of leftist organizations, which are the equivalent of enver hodja's line in the country (emancipation of the people, etc...) used the way of addressing each other in the style of teacher-hodja to each other in the 70s.

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