entry into business

entry into business

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it is a lesson that there is no entrance and no exit. i fucked up micro, society, economics...


the course known as the introduction of economics among people who have studied computer programming for 2 years and entered open education with dgs *


(see: suat yavuz)


intro to economics, econ 101, or whatever it's called; it is absurd that such a basic course is given in university instead of secondary school. instead, children's minds for years "democracy is the self-rule of a nation." he gets fucked. if those children are lucky enough to have their own political views as they grow up, they are expected to choose one of three candidates who are completely unrelated to those views.


(see: ceteris paribus) is a boring, boring and frustrating lesson. discarded.


lesson that changes according to the teacher. in some cases it is entered directly from keynes*, sometimes from marks. who exaggerates, starts with aristotle. nice to start with smith.


exam days have come and a whirlwind of haste continues in the student house. - dude, i fucked up, visas hit my ass, but the lessons look like lambs on the side. i couldn't even start, what am i doing now? - haji, i think it's an introduction to economics first and then the rest. - all right, let's do it, where are your economics grades? - would you mindlessly look at my left hand? - sktr!


"wow, there can't be a hard lesson from this." comes to 1st grade students who say: (see: microeconomics)