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sarp (son of enis batur): - my father writes and my mother reads.


the thinker who defines the the youth as "the person who calls the elevator on the seventh floor and waits to go up to the first floor".


"don't be sad if you have a book that you have been thinking about for years but haven't written. it's a book that has been written now, that's all we can't read."


width west read


the type of man that ninety percent of the country does not understand and the remaining percent pretends to understand


aziz nesin was short and wrote twice as many books as he was. enis batur is a bit taller, so he is 1.5 times the length of his books.. poet, sociologist, critic.. intellectual with everything.. this pen is cursed.. this pen wrote hanging things like a chameleon. we are proud of him. (by the way, he will be my teacher at school next year...)