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the name given to the trace that is thought to be stored in the cerebral cortex and is the basis of memory. term also used to express memory.


this is the basic principle of scientology. the painful and disturbing events that a person goes through throughout his life are recorded in the brain and remain in a part of the brain. many of these events are not remembered. these are called engrams. scientology says that by purifying the brain of these engrams, it brings people to eternal happiness. measured by e meter.


it is the physical representation of the moment. (see memory trace)


all of the chemical (number of molecules, shapes of some molecules, etc.) and physical (numbers of axons and dendrites in intercellular bonds, and their locations) changes that occur in a group of brain cells during the formation of a memory.


"symbols always derive from archaic relics and racial engrams (traces), the age and origin of these relics and traces are disputed, and there is no final determination about this. (...) differentiation of instinct was and still is a biological necessity: this differentiation it is not peculiar to humans, but manifests itself in the same way as the sexual atrophy of worker bees." carl gustav jung - aspects of the feminine


it is the establishment of connections between neurons and the storage of necessary information in nerve cells.