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engineering mathematics

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the teacher tells and explains... grades are taken... no lesson is interrupted... you take the exam so that no question is from the subjects in the notebook... you give a blank paper... when the grades are announced, you ask the higher fields... how did you study? how did you get high before you even came to class? saying. the answer is simple: "i studied from the notes in the photocopy shop."... and you realize that the teacher actually comes to the lesson and explains something, but the photocopyist prepares the exam questions. thanks itu


it is a course that shows how active mathematics is in the birth and development of technology, which gives rise to delusions that if a person enters the Öss again after the finals as the courses progress, he or she can move on to a better university with a higher score.


there is a very thick and useful book on this subject called advanced engineering mathematics written by kreyszig from wiley publishing house.


math soup. a course that is formed by combining subjects such as linear algebra, differential equations, vectors, complex numbers and makes students' brains water. both undergraduate and postgraduate versions are available. (see itu)


it's a fake lesson. can mathematics be engineering? math is math. moreover, the scope of mathematics used by each engineer is different. while our lives as electronics engineers go through diff, other branches have to specialize in very different parts of mathematics...


(see: calculus) is only a lesson that allows to distinguish the first year students. friends who do not know that only the tip of the stake is sharp say, "abiiii calculus is so hard, we didn't study for the university exam that much". however, senior engineer candidates know that if a blind person enters, they will still pass this course by smelling it.


it is abbreviated as ammunition. m.kemal apalak enters erciyes unit. today is the course that i think i will have a lot of trouble because i took it for the first time *


it is not even clear whether it is very difficult or very easy. or the teacher is messing with us, he is half laughing when he goes to his room. it's a shame but.