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udemy's clickbait student


trader whose only event is to open a counter early in a nascent market. even following indians on video site with translated subtitles is a much more logical thing than losing money to this trader.


10 months ago he was telling something on video site, now he is telling the same things again. i didn't buy the udemy courses but the video site side is full clickbait. like a primary school math teacher, he teaches all he knows about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the same things every 6 months as if he had mastered it. what is the software language, how does it work etc. if you don't know anything, it can give you an idea, but other than that it's useless.


software development consultant with ba in capital and ma in metu. in image


it is as if the trainings are voicing the written documents. the transfer and samples are bad.


love the way he talks and says eeeee too much and he's very lively. i took the flutter course, then he published a separate course so that i could do better flutter courses. he divides some subjects into 3-4 currencies to make money, but all of them are 2 hours, people love it, it would be better if they fix these features


in udemy, it is better to prefer academy trainings instead of the preferred programmer, educator.


this guy's courses for c# aren't worth a penny, i made an effort to learn, but if you're going to learn c#, oop it will be the wrong address. i can say that cengiz atilla's course is 4-5 shirts above this man's courses. i haven't looked at their java, js, python and other courses. but even .netcore courses are incomprehensible. for web programming, you can take a look at loyal turan's courses. as someone who has given 200 liras to this man's courses, i feel like an idiot.