enforcement court

enforcement court

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the court where a good lawyer can get his client out of many troubles in one move


these are the courts where objections against enforcement proceedings are seen, which are almost unreadable in districts, but which are classified more than once in metropolitan cities. in addition to this, complaints and legal cases related to the enforcement and bankruptcy law, which is a complete mess, are seen. there is also the criminal one, it deals with alimony: (see: enforcement criminal court)


a type of court that oversees the operations of enforcement offices and deals with disputes. it is similar in nature to enforcement offices rather than civil courts. because the decision space is very limited. (see enforcement office)


the new name of the former enforcement investigation authority.


for the name according to the old law; (see: enforcement investigation authority)


the expression "executive investigation authority", which is the name in the old law, is a much more appropriate choice in terms of describing the structure and mission of this institution. because the enforcement court is not a typical court, its origin is an examination authority. with exceptions, his business is not the case, but the road. decisions, with the exception of 2 of them, do not constitute a final judgment in material terms. for this reason, it is not possible to renew the trial. because interests can already sue in general courts.


(see: enforcement law court) (see: enforcement criminal court)

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