end of roads

end of roads

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hüseyin nihal atsız's poetry book published in 1946.


there are poems that glorify theness and theness. the poems are wonderfully beautiful. rhymes, rhyme schemes etc. wonderful. a great book that can be finished in one day. there are lecture words in it.


huseyin nihal atsız's poem beautifully interpreted by atilla yılmaz. it was interesting that it had never been written before. end of roads


there is an interpretation of atilla yılmaz, which is similar to communist marches. this poem is also the source of the phrase "hard roads are insurmountable with the soft-hearted", which is often used and attributed to türkeş.


"even the dogs who travel for hours behind a bone will laugh at our loneliness"


the magnificent poem that atsız wrote at the age of 27 due to his exile to edirne. the reason i state this is the urban legends that the poem was written to alparslan turkes.


as we are being sent to a foreign country, maybe not even a person will come to us again. even the dogs who travel for hours after a bone will laugh at our loneliness. it would probably be 'with us', not 'us'. however, the great man of letters, atsız, who saw it as "us" because of its rhyme harmony. -------------re-----------------to us ---------------- ---- to our desolation aba b