emmy received by haluk bilginer

emmy received by haluk bilginer

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i read this somewhere: "whatever emmy haluk bilginer got, that's the real emmy."


friends, do not lynch, but i swear i thought so too. give in to our ignorance. i was very surprised when i heard the news. ok, we are not as intellectual as you, we do not live as much as you do with art. what do i know; oscar, emmy, grammy. these are the awards we hear about the most. oscar is given in cinema, emmy is in television, grammy is in music, and i knew there was an emmy. until i saw this thread. of course, the fact that this award is a different emmy does not change the fact that haluk bilginer is a giant actor.


international emmy awards


answer: the emmy award that dustin hoffman received two years ago. other emmy award for hbo, netflix etc. it is not possible to get it unless you play in the making. of course, this award can open that way.


(see: headman emmy award)


kenneth branagh received the award in 2017 and dustin hoffman in 2016: https://www.iemmys.tv/…emmy-awards/winners-archive/ on the other hand, i don't care what award haluk bilginer gets, anyway, this is from gülşen abi. it's at the top of my list of favorite actors. that's why he got an emmy, he didn't get an emmy, he got a fake emmy, what's wrong with me. will we realize the value we have when we get an award?