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the first human being that comes to my mind every november 24th. after all, my mother, uncle and two aunts are teachers. the internet and porn have destroyed all my perceptions. *


turning 40 last week, she legally became a milf and delighted her fans. thanks to naughty america and my high school english teacher who looks like her, i dedicated my adolescence to this woman. there was a milf hunter or something, look, i was nostalgic at the time. i can't shoot streaming porn(a). literally. ah, where are those good old days? the days when we downloaded 250 mb videos with 4.5/kbps. he has a strong place in my heart, but for now, the throne has passed to tanner mayes.


(see: stone)


when i heard it, i thought it was the name that the future found for the new sitting group. god forgive me.


(see: iceland's female environment minister)*


ageless porn actress.. edit: i said i'd be your first entry. look at the time.