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this chick has a björk vibe.. her voice is close to perfect.. sucker punch added a lot to the movie both visually and musically.. besides eating, it is from the yacht family...


(see: nurgül yesilcay)


although his career was not in music, he had a wonderful understanding of sweet dreams, where is my mind and asleep. this girl has a job.


she turned blonde for her role in sucker punch. she switched from an innocent girl to a hot chick [i think it happened]. of course, its place in my heart is clear in its previous state. (see: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm600735744/ch0135929)


body kylie minogue, head angelina jolie. the only good thing in the movie sleeping beauty. (see sleeping beauty/#25681611)


it looks like the plush will get in front of the microphone. but wikipedia said erotic thriller. we'll wait and see. edit: it wasn't just the microphone that got in the way. (see: plush/@colombre)


they robbed me in the movie summer in february too. unfortunately it doesn't have sex. child-faced women should not be forced to wear this shirt: brooke shields, nastassia kinski, winona ryder, natalie portman etc. there are enough females in the movie market already, let's love the rest with affection. (bkz: you are disgusting fags)


nurgul yesılcay, whose face you know, yav.