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emil ludwig

a zionist who wrote biographies and made interviews with dictators.


emil ludwig

german journalist and biographer who lived between 1881-1948. his dictator-themed article about mustafa kemal was published in the new york times on march 9, 1930.


emil ludwig

i came across his name in günter grass's book crab walking. his books were published in a publishing house founded by immigrants called querido in amsterdam, one of the best-selling authors of the period.


emil ludwig

he is a journalist from a jewish family born in germany in 1881. he was one of the most famous journalists in germany for a while, and when the national socialist party came, he moved to switzerland.

he wrote biographies of people who made history, especially napoleon, and became very popular. in particular, he handled the events by guessing the inner feelings of the person he wrote in his works.

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