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the most beautiful vs model i want to bite, who has very beautiful breasts, who does not lose their breasts, who rejects the understanding that big breasts are good, which has been ingrained in our subconscious for years. i adore.


(see: https://vimeo.com/42771716)


it looks like a husky but i'll eat it.


i will wait for him until the end of my life. it's the most original, the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in my life. i woke up from a victoria's secret fashion show in a depressed mood again. oof of...


she is the most different blue-eyed one out of all the blue-eyed blondes ever. no matter how many navi eyes i saw, his is different..


model born in sweden on november 7, 1988.


guess it just doesn't look good to me. yes, her body is very beautiful, but i can't say the same for her face, she has a repulsive air. he also says that he does not have plastic surgery, but that nose cries out loudly, "i am plastic." it is obvious that a tiny nose on a face with such large lines cannot be natural. unfortunately, he made his nose too small. this is the proof