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i liken this woman to those chocolates, which are on sale especially at christmas time, with a janjan exterior but a terrible taste. it totally eats the bread of its visuality. the man she shared the lead role in the same drama is also included in this class.


at the golden butterfly awards, he set up a throne in front of cüneyt arkın with his speech, "i'm sorry, i got in and out of here and so on. thank you to the team." we receive an award from the master's hand, what an honor", he showed his humility. that's all i have to say.


i think he has shown everyone with his attitude tonight that he is nothing more than an overly realistic sex toy.


(bkz: good luck my god your ambassador is very nice)


at the 43rd golden butterfly award ceremony, the disrespect that the great master cuneyt ark made while speaking showed us that the rumors of "very grumpy and disrespectful on the set of the tv series" are most likely true. what is shitting when you say i'm going to be sympathetic, this has taught us today.


a vain free-spirited sister who proves the accuracy of her ugly attitudes on the set, is greatly exaggerated, and never breaks the girl's tone who puts everything into trouble in the classroom. (see ego) (see bosego)


we saw how exaggerated he was with the 43rd golden butterfly award disgrace. cüneyt arkın's antipathetic actions next to him showed his true face. (see: overrated)