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useless book. it is clear that it will never sell without advertising. considering that there are 30+ older sisters in the field? there are some rituals and prayers that include alchemy+religion+religious mix+some islam. they also made their pages with rose water. your hand and face smell of rose water, only lemon delight is missing. like you're going to make a pinch with it too. brainwashing guaranteed immaculate. for more cleaning (see etymatic)


this "work" that makes you think how can there be 2 comments about a "book" that "sells" and "makes" 130 "prints". "!"


it is one of the 99 names of allah. in fact, it is said that there was a christian scholar living in istanbul of the time, who was constantly chanting or saying "vedud" during the conquest of istanbul, and this caused the delay of the conquest.


“the only one worthy of endless love.” “who loves his creatures and wants their best.” “he who loves his good servants and brings them to mercy and approval.” “(your lord) is the first to create and resurrect. he is ghafur and vadud.” (surah buruc, 85/14)

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