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el camino

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the word means road in spanish. they have a proverb, for example: la vida no es ningún camino de rosas. when you translate it word for word, it's like "life is not the way of roses at all", "life is no bed of roses" sort of..


in the trailer, skinny pete's face has turned into a minefield from drinking poor quality meth. well, not everyone produces meth with a purity of 99.1% like heisenberg, coach.


(bkz: el camino a breaking bad movie)


he was talking about some events of jesse pinkman, one of the leading actors of the best tv series i've watched, which will be broadcast on netflix on 11.10.2019. we look forward to it, sir.


(see camino)


the sequel to breaking bad, which will be released on netflix on october 11, 2019. let's see what happened to jesse pinkman after the final episode of the series... i think i'm going to cry from excitement. i have already prepared my dry eye drops as i will be watching the movie 27 times in a row as soon as it comes out. let's increase... our astigmatism...


the sequel to the breaking bad legend that i wanted taşkano to translate. have a good time yo!


i hope netflix doesn't introduce homosexuality.