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beer, which is considered as a mandatory maneuver by efes as a result of the significant increase in tuborg gold's market share. there is some justification. although its taste does not appeal to me as much as tuborg gold, i would like to say that it is much more successful than bottle efes. but what i remember is, where were you until now, now you have shot yourself to a variety of malt, no unfiltered agalar?


if they write "rice porridge with efes sugar" on the previous ones, everything will fall into place.


these are my last words before i go beyond the time. hacilar, agalar, i don't like this efes malt. taste like a horse. beer is similar to horse, similar to request. i wish i was the rich bastard. i wouldn't drink because i didn't like it, it would be over. but we paid for once, it's ok now. this will be drunk. if a horse comes out of it, it will be drunk. time is up. let me not keep my brothers beyond their time waiting too long. i have a long way. come on, efes fanboys. i'm ready.


new beer of efes that makes you ask what was the previous one.


the ephemeral of the confession that "what you drank until yesterday was not beer".


i tested it by drinking it with a chubby bottle: the bitter taste that comes to the palate and under the tongue after sipping in the chubby bottle of efes is definitely not found in efes malt. but still my preference will be tuborg for now. signed: a 3-year-old who fell into a beer keg.


when i went to migros to buy tuborg gold, when i saw the price of 3.75 tl, it was the beer that made me decide to buy 8 ephesus instead of 4 tuborg. 100% working!


it is halal. because all is worship for the beer lover.

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