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in a primary school he went to on the day of the report card, our actor answered the questions "uncle edison, how did you find the electricity", which the children thought was edison, as "i am ediz hun, i am not edison, i did not find the electricity".


famous the inventor who discovered electricity.


emel sayin had a movie in which she played a lady named gulizar. there ediz hun's 'daddy rose buuuuu!' there was a scene where he jumped into hulusi kentmen's lap. it was a beautiful scene. the reason to love ediz hun is that scene in that movie.


a great discovery that a friend of mine made at the age of 22: -old famous movie actor edison varya, it wasn't edison, ediz hun mus...


he has always portrayed characters who can be preferred to prince charming. in fact, an ediz hun lies in the heart of every woman who watches his films. a man who took care of his love, did not forget even if he left, did not look at another woman, did not sell his love even for lots of money. he is the pride of the cinema with his masterful personality, smiling eyes, distant kindness and acting.


turkan sora has split a water line in one of his movies "you will follow the fashion, you will go naked if necessary"