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--- spoiler --- question: how did emily blunt's character find out that she had lost the ability to respawn? --- spoilers ---


the movie that got me. --- spoiler --- my favorite scene in the movie was cage, who was tired of experiencing the same thing dozens of times, stealing a motorcycle and drinking beer in a bar. --- spoiler --- there's a good chance you'll like it. like it or not, the real problem is that you have never seen this movie. this is unacceptable. net.


my favorite detail in the movie: --- spoiler --- finally, major cage's grin at rose and the start of john newman's "love me again" with cast. --- spoilers ---


it's like a movie. skip the ones who say no logic error, no oh my lord, it's not a movie, watch it with pleasure. they forgot how much people enjoy watching festival films, such as fantasy, science fiction and action films, just because they want to talk to the girls.


the movie where my mom got up to watch the tide by getting the fuck out of millions of dollars, special effects, cgis and stuff and saying, "well, are we going to watch this, same thing like crazy" in the tenth minute of the movie. if he wants, he can get 10 oscars; tide wins!


you know, the phrase "let that man be the lead, if he dies, the movie is over", here is the movie that breaks that mold.