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one day, somewhere in the world, a homo sapiens sapiens looked at a flower, and even though it did not help him or solve any of his problems, he described the moment when he realized the beauty of the flower and was happy with it as one of the most important moments in the evolution of human consciousness. well defined.


the master who is a person who suffers, who tells the transition to a higher consciousness with great mastery and in such an easily understandable way, who has brought spirituality into my life, i'm glad i read and listened to the master.


he is an author whose observations i admire. to all the friends whose ego we suffer from: "a child is born and when he is born he has no consciousness, no knowledge of himself, and when a child is born, it is the "other" that he first becomes aware of, not himself, because his eyes see outside, his hands touch others, his ears hear, his nose. it smells outside. all of its senses are turned outwards, not inwards. that's what it means to be born. birth begins with the "ego". but it's entirely your choice not to continue with the ego."


i think it is not necessary to be a spiritual person to read eckhart tolle's book, especially a new earth (the power of being). regardless of whether a person is an atheist or belonging to any religion, he will benefit greatly from tolle's philosophy. eckhart tolle's high intellectual level and academic background put him at the top of the list among new age writers. everyone should read it, have it read.


“the most important step in a person's evolution is to rise above his thoughts. it is no longer not thinking, it is simply not identifying with thought, not being enslaved by thoughts. don't take your thoughts too seriously. you are not responsible for most of the noisy activity called thinking, they are not yours, be the observer, get your consciousness back.”


"i've lived with many zen masters, all of them cats." said.


we are not our thoughts or our mind. we are the consciousness that notices our thoughts. this is true freedom. i say think about it.