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my wife was involved in the teacher's "yak66" program. lost 5 kilos in a week. he states that the tape measure, not the scale, is important. there is indeed a reduction in size. we do not consume sugar and sugary foods for 8 days. there are extremely delicious recipes in the nutrition program. i think that those who have weight problems, first follow their instagram account, get to know the teacher for a while and then get one of the appropriate programs. edit: 7 weeks and 14 kilos gone.


the best sports and nutrition consultant in the country. it teaches completely scientific and useful methods.


can anyone who uses the yak program let me know?


there is no domestic and foreign fitness channel website that i haven't been chasing full time for 1 month. when i found this brother's channel, i felt like i found a mine. it has content with simple explanations, with which you can train simultaneously with the video. gavurlar will not do what this brother is doing for free. i thank him for his content. edit after months: i bought professional service from him. i'm still practicing and have finally acquired sustainable training and nutrition habits. i highly recommend it.


the person who made us run ten rounds around the camp with a full camp load because we couldn't set up a tent in 20 minutes in the ytudak Çınarcık activity. the next time we collect it in twenty minutes, set it up and collect it again, that's a different matter.


it has been about 2-3 months since i discovered it, as a person intertwined with sports, i naturally started to follow it. i find his suggestions and directions generally correct, but it is very strange that he takes the question asked in the live broadcast in a different direction and then gets angry and aggressive as if it was the real question. i am a fun person. let the example question be "how do we round our butt muscles", this friend brings this question to cardio, for example, and talks about the wrong things about cardio, he raises his blood pressure on his own, it's very enjoyable to watch :)


my powerlifting coach. since he is a man who has seen a lot, he can sometimes be humorous and sometimes irritable. he saw existence and non-existence. he could not find what he wanted in areas such as mountaineering and mountain equipment trade and switched to the lifting side. he lives in adana now, but he talks more like a cihangir gentleman: he does a ketogenic diet and eats a cow every month. yes, i'm exaggerating a little, but he eats 20 kilos of meat per month. i salute him.


this guy seems like he "usually" knows what he's talking about. however, his communication with his followers is strange: x on a platform y on a channel, you always/will come across someone ignorantly asking questions, trolling, saying things they don't like. if you are inclined to hang around on these profiles, give a quick response, and treat everyone you don't know as potentially one of these profiles, you won't be able to go through a war of nerves monologue/dialogue in your social media communication, as if the employee is pretty much suffering from it.