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am writing for the goods who believe that this woman is well-intentioned, peace-loving and humanist, who is the same as the mayor of rize, halil bakırcı, from akp, she is the female version: (see: taking a second wife from the southeast for democratization) lastly, this is racial breeding ece hanım can open with this chatroulette apache in order to serve as an exemplary model in her project, she can hold hands with eastern wicked men and experience the sweet stupor of happiness, and thus the eugenics project can start efficiently.


maybe thy didn't hear him, but yekunoğlu answered his desire for tourism..


if he were a baby kurdish child who cried and never shut up, he had a performance that would hit the bottom of empathy, skim demagogy and break our hearts.


the woman who retweeted armed photos of kurdish women despite her anti-militarist rhetoric. antimilitarism is not just a thought for the the army, ms. ece.


the great thinker forgot to add "let them give me their offspring too, nolurrrrr xd my love mucksss" at the end of the article.


a kurdish nationalist-liberal counter-revolutionary in the vulgarity of the kurds and turks.

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