eating pork

eating pork

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it is the sin that muslims love not to commit. because it is very easy not to commit this sin.


had eaten at a friend's house unknowingly. you're german. we're going to have breakfast. he brought the hams to the table, and i ate flakes without waiting for her. it tasted different, i don't know. pork hams. i'm referring to the post above, it's really easy. confession: delicious.


it is not more haram than drinking alcohol. you can drink raki, wine, beer, etc., very easily to a friend who goes to friday. it's strange, even the most distant types of religious prohibitions, if you say let's eat pork with a thin trot.


it is an activity that i cannot and will not understand the words "oh, it stinks, yeaa" produced about it. have you never eaten sheep or goat meat in your life, my friend? bring a foreigner, ask if this meat smells, and he will say it smells to you. i don't understand what is this smell issue. in fact, i think its smell is less irritating than mutton. and i really don't understand how people can talk so confidently about something they've never eaten or tried. note: your jealousy gene doesn't go away when you eat it, don't worry.