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the story of a sterile woman in new york who eats salad and goes all the way to italy to eat. didn't i have a good italian restaurant out there? we also saw a group of roma fans go crazy on the stage of watching the match in naples. that's napoli, my director friend, they take blood from the guy's ass, blood!


english word games, creative remarks and fine details etc. that i like. i can't fit 2-3 a4e is the story of our writer elizabeth gilbert, a very intelligent, versatile/talented and emotional woman trying to find herself and be happy. but it has such a superficial and american-like vein on its basis that you feel sorry for them trying to be everything and doing nothing, trying to force things. my most contradictory reading experience, between admiring it and finding it stupid.


among the women who read this book, make a bedside book, faint, and have a wide range of horizons, i have not seen any that are not boring. you are such a person that your horizon is opened by reading eat pray love. for god's sake, someone should throw iris murdoch, doris lessing, and margaret atwood novels on these women so they can see how the horizon will open. footnote: those who read this book, read the secret when it was popular and were also influenced by it. it is also possible that he did not read the fi pi çi trilogy.


it is a super boring movie that i finally found time to watch last night. the only good thing was italy and italian food, which was shown abundantly in the first half. now i think about it, maybe it's not the movie that i find boring, but the fact that javier bardem constantly appears in front of women who go on a trip to find themselves. yes.


yes, it is a visual feast, yes javier bardem is not from this world, but i couldn't feel emotional about calculating until the movie was over. while going from one end of the world to the other, not an iota of materiality was spoken, friend. i've been indian for years, i've never seen such comfort!


when he says "i read books", "i finish 2 books a week", he means books, especially when love makes the door rattle, the hot concubine hürrem, the niece of the boleyn girl's niece, when my vampire knocks me, people whose name is obvious, my dears, who massacre trees like the latch of my garter! you don't actually read a book, you are a bit different from folks, 70% of whom have never read a book. i just took a bite. even get it: (see #25835945)` :thanks the man who saved the mind`


(bkz: eat and spit)


the translation of the title of the movie; 'we are full today, thank god, my god'.