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fuck it, it's nice, people are walking around. kars was brought into tourism. the people of kars are smiling. those who leave are smiling. what are unhappy people to you? navigate. take lots of photos. enjoy it. hit rock bottom of popularity. you destroyed instagram out of spite. don't listen to the unhappy people who can't get out of their jar.


as a result of not being able to find a ticket on any train a few years ago, i had to board without a ticket. then, while i was sitting in the dining car, i had a dialogue with the conductor: k: sir, your ticket b: i don't have a ticket! i'm on the run k: are you a refugee?


the mediocre ekpress that the intellectuals overdosed to feel cultured and socialist. even if it is forbidden to take photos during the journey, if there is only one intellectual passenger left, i am the worst dishonor.


while we were going to kars between 2009 and 2014, the types who said "brother, can you take the train that long, yeah" are chasing tickets to post photos on instagram today. this country makes me laugh.


it is not the train on the eastern express where the murder novel takes place. the train on which agatha christie's famous novel takes place is the orient express, which travels between paris and istanbul. the services of this train ended in 1977.


if those who go, throw a little more story on the road, i will know the distance between ankara and kars. i'm around pasinler right now..