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early morning

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i think he is the only man in this world who can make a girl fall in love with him while telling the number of pi. also an extraordinarily good player...


i declare him benedict cumberbatch of the country.


be happy for the first time, i just watched it. my eye was biting somewhere, he played in the malt-earthquake clip. i love the accent and the way he plays in the series, it doesn't look weird on him. it's strange that this guy is still not very famous, i hope he gets more recognition. it is very strange that this man's eyes are not spoken in a country where even ido's eyebrows are spoken so much. sözlük


aka alex.


very nice smiling dude. no, it's nice to have eyebrows, but it's deadly when you laugh.


a nice guy who answered "i'm alive" to the question of "brother, what are you doing, you're not on social media or something" in beyaz show.


owe him an apology. i wish our meeting hadn't been for me to take my hand and raise my hand from the bar chairs where i decided to sleep and ask if i'm okay, "i'm fine, you're the person who played alex in goodbye rumeli, right" and then politely say yes, and then i go back to the chairs. the man got up and wondered from the next table, look what i did :/ i am not a rude person dear ertan saban and you are very kind and however i was very drunk. (bkz: i was drunk but i remember)


ah caniko yaa.. what kind of charisma is he so ali atay is pale.