dynamite delight

dynamite delight

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(see: fatal lab quotes)


construction material made of quartz sand impregnated with trinitrotoluene (usually) thicker than a cigar, explosive.


its inventor is alfred nobel. after the nitroglycerin used in mining was causing a lot of trouble, alfred nobel, who set out to search, mixed fine sand and nitroglycerin to the consistency of the delight, and when the sand was no longer absorbing nitroglycerin, it exploded and saved the workers from loss of life and injuries. this invention also opened the doors of an era in history that would reward those who have produced successful works and works in the field of science and literature every year, as the nobel prizes, with the award given to alfred nobel.


one of rwanda's most important writers. his work titled bread, water and the fourth dimension of the water bottle, which he wrote in 1972, was published in 2,365,800 copies in 36 countries.


sweet name at military wedding...


the delight mixed with pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts and sold under the same name. because of the effect(!) it has on the eater, this name was given to the sweet urune.


(see: piece effect ravioli)


in 1871, alfred nobel prepared a mixture like this: 10 g of nitrocellulose were dissolved in 100 g of nitroglycerin, thus a mixture that looked like the delight.