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dutch singer born on april 11, 1994, whose birth name is duncan de moor. graduated from tilburg rock academy in 2017. he competed in the 5th season of the voice of holland. he won the 2019 eurovision song contest with his song arcade and brought the contest to his country in 2020.


if this man is a pop singer, what are those who hang out as a pop singer in the country? really. there is a huge inconsistency. a very good person with a very good voice and singing very good songs...


first she will be the winner of eurovision 2019, then the sweet dutchman who will be very popular in the global music world and will make us forget that she came from eurovision. thanks to you, i will be able to watch the eurovision in amsterdam next year, good luck. according to what i've read, he wrote the song (see arcade) for his close girlfriend, who somehow couldn't forget his ex-girlfriend, who got a terminal illness at the same time, and who waited until the last moment for his ex to come out somehow, but died without ever seeing her again. *


singer from spijkenisse, who made a beautiful song. he has previous experience with the voice of holland. its biggest rival is italian mahmood (see arcade)* part : song link https://youtu.be/pl6bhs2nhga


dutch competitor who became the natural favorite of eurovision 2019 after lazarev's song did not have the expected effect. if the song is (see arcade)


the ambitious dutch contestant of the 2019 eurovision, whose real name is duncan de moor.


to shine the orc you know.


he is the only artist in the history of the 2020 eurovision song contest, which has been suspended due to the coronavirus measures, and has been the only artist to have won the first place for two years.