dramatic life of countries ending in Istan

dramatic life of countries ending in Istan

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(see: kyrgyzstan) (see: turkmenistan) (see: tajikistan) (see: kazakhstan)


(bkz: the drama of the city whose name starts with istan)


(see: we tore well) (see: turkistan) also, greece and bulgaria, no matter how much they want to tear, we say hellas, their english is not greece, ours is a dramatic life that they definitely can't escape, just in case you don't know. we have drawn their fate with the the name, right, sir.


bulgaria armenia georgia croatia india kazakhstan kyrgyzstan hungary mongolia uzbekistan pakistan serbia tajikistan turkmenistan greece adjaria bashkortostan chechnya chuvashia daghistan tataristan yakutistan in europe those that ended in "istan" were the lands of the ottoman. there are many muslims in india and pakistan. others are already the countries. is our life.


(see: croatia) (see: saudi arabia) (see: ethiopia) (see: armenia) (see: georgia)

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