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a folk song that is a sin to listen to without drinking raki.


the fifth line, ... at martini debre hasan, let the mountains moan .... the song that should be. edit from years later: which five brothers, it seems like the words were written above and it's complete, go allasen!


it is the song of those who adopted the motto of the times when love was valued above everything else and the motto is impassable.


let hasan sozlukcular listen to the ic martini, inim inim moaning, who wrote the words of this turquoise in this way


only and only from spiritual water, you know, the recording in which he said "then let's sing together" at the entrance, here is the unique song that i listen to from him, that makes me tremble every time i listen to it, every time he says "assan" to spiritual water. but contrary to what is mentioned in most of the entries written here, i seem sure that ruhi su sang the folk song "at martini de bre hasan" and even gave a little voice after "de".


it is a song that the thieves sing very well. (see destiny)